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See Massive Barrier Bar Breaches From High Water & Storms April 9th 2016
Under Plan 2014 The Board Would Not Have The Authority To Help Lower Water Levels

Greece Chamber, Niagara County Chamber & Rochester Realtors Oppose Plan 2014

Congressman Chris Collins Speaks To IJC About Lake Ontario Water Level Plan 2014

"This thing was wrong from the beginning and its going nowhere. You did your job and now we will do ours, we are going to kill this in Washington once and for-all."

"New" Lakeshore legislators change focus of Plan 2014 fight

"New" Congressman Chris Collins Meets With IJC Has Strong Words About Plan 2014

"New" Niagara & Orleans Counties Meet With IJC To Oppose Plan 2014

"New" Sept. 17th 2014 Monroe County Legislature Sends Plan 2014 Opposition To John Kerry


"New" Sept. 17th 2014 Monroe & Wayne County Elected Officials Discuss Opposition To Plan 2014
"New" Wayne County Supervisors Comments On Plan 2014
"New" Save Our Sodus Opposes Plan 2014

"New" Town Of Hamlin Opposes Plan 2014

View Political Resolutions Opposing Plan 2014

Click Here To View Comments To IJC About Plan 2104

Link To Plan Details

Click Must Read Property Owner Letter To IJC

With Less Transparency Than We Had Hoped For, The IJC Now Appears To Be Rushing To Pass A Plan That They Know Has The Potential To Cause Millions Of Dollars Of DISPROPORTIONATE Property And Economic Damages To The U.S.A., New York State And The South Shore Of Lake Ontario While Returning Less Environmental Gains.

Click Picture To See How High Or Low Water Must Be Before IJC Will Provide Relief To The South Shore

Incredibly, After Spending More Than A Decade And Undisclosed Millions Of Dollars, No Regional Public Information Meetings Are Being Held, As They Did With Plans B, B+ And BV7, Prior To Public Hearings. Why???

The General Pubic Is Not Being Given Enough Time To Educate Themselves About The Plan Prior To Public Hearings And The Hearings Are Not Being Held In Some Of The Locations That Would Be The Most Affected. Why???

Perhaps The Well Documented Ties That Several Of The IJC Commissioners Have To The Many Environmental Interests Make It Too Difficult For Them To Give Our Concerns Unbiased Credibility And The Open Review They Deserve.

While We Had Always Assumed That The IJC Was Required To Be Objective And Obligated To Treat All Interests The Same, This Lack Of Transparency Indicates That The IJC Can Act However They Want Whenever They Want And Outside Of Any Over Site Or  Scrutiny.

(See Images Below Relate Water Levels & Plan 2014 Trigger Levels)


It's Not Rocket Science!!

  • Damages Are Still Disproportionate
  • Most Significant Damages Bourne By  South Shore Property Owners Both Private & Public
  • Damage almost entirely in the USA, NY State and the South Shore.
  • Recreational Boating, Sport Fishing, Municipal Infrastructure & Businesses Will Frequently Be Damaged By Both High And Low Water
  • Plan 2014 still favors hydro-power and they see the largest benefit from the plan
  • Plan 2014 has little affect on the river interests
  • Plan 2014 has much less positive environmental affect than previous plans
  • The negative environmental affects of 2014 have not be calculated into the data
  • Dollar figures for shoreline damages are "grossly" under estimated
  • Data supporting Plan 2014 conclusions is outdated
  • No Damage Mitigation Plan Has Been Offered
  • Public comment and involvement has been reduced
  • Possible conflict of interest as some IJC commissioners have historical environmental  connection

If Plan 2014 Is Passed This IJC Board Could Very Well Be Remembered For Eventually Causing More Property And Economic Damage To New York State Than Hurricane Sandy Or Irene!

Click To See How Plan 2014 Compares To The Low Water Of Last Year?
It would have been worse with plan 2014!
Click To See How Plan 2014  Compares To The Spring High Water Of 2011?
It would have been worse with plan 2014!

Who Gets Damaged, Who Receives A Benefit?

What Will These Changes Mean To The Environment?

Click Here To See TRIGGER LEVELS Chart That Guides Relief From Both High Or Low Levels

Perspective Of Plan 2014 Trigger Levels Look At The Images Below

Just After Hurricane Agnes
Fact Not Theoretical Computer Models....Sodus Point (June 1973) Water Level APP. 248.40.
Plan 2014 Has A Trigger Level Of 248.13 For Same Dates. Under Plan 2014, The IJC Would Be Required To Act On Our Behalf At About 3 Inches Below This Level.
 April 12th. 1993...$7 Million In Damages Were Approximated
Fact Not Theoretical Computer Models....Greece NY., April 1993 Water Level 247.4
Plan 2014 Trigger Level Not Exceeded...
No Action To Lower Water Level Would Be Required Under Plan 2014

Right Now...June 2013
Fact Not Theoretical Computer Models....MapleView Heights June 18th 2013. Water level 246.5.
Plan 2014 Trigger Level Would Not Kick In Until Level Was 20 Inches Higher





Current Orders Of Approval For 1958D All Current Criteria For Deviation From Plan

South Shore BV7 Meeting Attendance Beyond Expectations

September 2012 Letter From NY State DEC To LORA Officials
Plan BV7...Extreme At Both Ends

Click Here To View The Numerous Political Resolutions Opposing Plan BV7

Click Here To Read Open Letter To The International Joint Commission

Niagara & Orleans Counties Band Together To Oppose Plan BV7

Click here to see the destruction of the eagle nesting area at Camp Beechwood In Wayne County

Please sign the STOP PLAN BV7 PETITION !
Send it to your friends ask them to sign.

1) If you have multiple family members have them sign the petition individually.
2) Please tell your friends and neighbors this is not just a shoreline issue. Email them the link.
3) Tell your friends that are boaters, fishermen and marina owners to sign the petition.
4) Let your friends who do not live near the Lake that their parks, beaches, and water, sewer and other utilities could be affected by BV7.