Grassroots Public Advocacy For The Protection, Restoration And Conservation Of Great Lakes Beaches And Riparian Property

Some Background On Lora...

    The Lake Ontario Riparian Alliance (LORA) was formed in 1993 to protect and preserve the value of waterfront property. Our strategy of involving neighborhood associations,  state, local and federal officials along with other interested organizations has enabled us to take a pro-active position in protecting the Lake Ontario shoreline.

    Since there is no local, state or federal program to protect shoreline property from excessive erosion we have attempted , through our association, to provide several much needed services to shoreline property owners. Between 1993 and 2000, over 120 shoreline property owners have received assistance from LORA that has saved them tens of thousands of dollars. (See Some Project Pictures)

These services include....

Article 15 Permit Assistance (USACE) Protection Structure Design Assistance Material Selection Assistance
Article 34 Permit Assistance  (NYS-DEC) Vegetation and Re-Vegetation Assistance Contractor Selection Assistance
Local, State And Federal Lobbying Recovery Of Property Lost Due To Storms Project Supervision

Why LORA is now back!

    Since about 1999, most Lake Ontario South Shore property owners have enjoyed fairly consistent regulation of water levels. This consistent regulation has meant that erosion and flooding of Lake, Bay & Pond property has been easy to control and has occurred at a manageable rate.

    Now the International Joint Commission has decided to change the way the level of Lake Ontario is controlled and we believe that the new regulation plan (BV7) could mean serious property damage to those of us who live, work or make a living along the  shores of Lake Ontario and it's bays and ponds. The IJC, DEC, DOS and NYS estimate that a little over $3,000,000 in damage ANNUALLY will occur. Others calculate this estimate to be grossly understated and most believe it to be as much as 10 times that amount.

    The IJC, against the advice and concerns of many state and local officials and thousands of property owners has decided NOT to continue with Plan 1958D and is trying to push a new plan being lobbied for heavily by NY State and the DEC.

    There have been as many as "9" closed door meetings with only the IJC and the DEC in the room.

    Probably the most disconcerting aspect of this "secret" process is the seemingly "anti-riparian" attitude NYS the DEC and NYS. In a "invitation only" meeting held in Greece on Sept 29th 2011, the  IJC had very few answers and DEC was quick to claim that maybe we shouldn't live on the water.

    During this meeting NYS state said they understood that there would be damage and flooding with BV7 and that the state was putting together mitigation plan to offset the cost of damages due to high AND LOW water. A little more than 3 weeks later, at another meeting in Ottawa Canada, mitigation was  taken off the table.

    NYS even made the following statement "....since the dam was built, people living along the lake, bays and ponds have received an estimated $27,000,000 per year benefit from controlled water levels, it's time to give some of that back."

    We have asked 3 times, what the level would be right now under PLAN BV7 and the IJC either does not know or will not say. They could, however, tell us that the new plan would see a 300% increase in the muskrat population.

This is different this time. There will be levels that are too high and levels that will be too low. These extremes will occur more often and will cost EVERYONE.


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