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 South Shore BV7 Meeting Attendance Beyond Expectations

The attendance at the recent South Shore BV7 meetings set new records for water level meetings in the area.

In Oswego on May 31st 250 people attended the meeting mostly in fear over BV7 damages to the area. On June 5th in Olcott NY more than 500 attended the meeting and the vast majority were in fear of the BV7 plan and how it would affect their community.

On June 6th in Hilton NY more than 400 attended and most expressed a fear of the plan and expressed great dis-satisfaction with the processes used by the IJC in developing BV7.

On June 7th in Williamson NY a crowd estimated at 650 attended a BV7 meeting. Many local politicians were openly critical of the plan and the vast majority of the attendees were in fear of the plan and critical of the IJC process.

A petition with over 1600 opposing signatures was handed to the IJC at the Williamson meeting.

In total nearly 1800 people attended these meeting and the vast majority were in opposition.

There were a handful of people who spoke in favor of the plan. Many appeared to be professional environmentalists who attended all of the meetings and were the same people to speak in favor of the plan at each meeting.