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Water Level Plan BV7 Will Damage Boaters, Property Owners And Marina Operators!
It Will Have Severe Impacts On The Lake, The Bays And The Ponds!

LEVELER    E-Newsletter  From The
ake Ontario Riparian Alliance
         Issue 1 Nov. 2011

Grassroots Public Advocacy For The Protection, Restoration And Conservation
Of Lake Ontario Beaches And Riparian Property

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Some Frightening Information From The
Oct 2011 Water  Levels Meeting

(Sent To Us By Dr. Frank Sciremammano)

Based upon my trip to Ottawa this week, I offer the following observations:

- The IJC staff, through the Working Group, is still advancing Plan BV7 as part of a new Order of Approval

- Apparently, NYS is the primary push behind this despite being told that it will be damaging to its own citizens and businesses. The NYS representatives, who you are paying with your tax dollars, have concluded that the millions of dollars per year in damages to our area are acceptable collateral damage to achieve a better mix of species in the wetlands around the Lake.

- No mitigation or compensation will be offered with the new plan and it is not even clear that the governments will adequately fund the work necessary to assess whether or not the economic and environmental projections used to justify the plan actually occur in the future.

It is clear that the voices of this area are not being heard in the secret negotiations over this plan. I believe that now is the time when area citizens and businesses that will be negatively affected have to speak loud and clear to their elected representatives if this process is to be influenced in any way. It is especially important that the elected officials at the Federal and State level representing the Lake shore communities and businesses are made aware of what is happening.

I have attached a very simple, short, three question document that can be utilized by people in inquiries to their elected representatives. At your discretion, it can then be put out for general use.

Feel free to share this with those you are in contact with.


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How Much Land Is Lost To High Water And Erosion...Here is a look over the last  50 Years At The Westage Next To The Coastguard Station In Charlotte

 Westage Condos App 1960 About 100 yards of sand beach in front of buildings

Westage Condos APP 1998 Water Is Undermining the building foundations and town considers evacuation and condeming the buildings

Westage Oct 2011 about 25 feet of     land and after over $200,000 of shore protection