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Water Level Plan BV7 Will Damage Boaters, Property Owners And Marina Operators!
It Will Have Severe Impacts On The Lake, The Bays And The Ponds!

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ake Ontario Riparian Alliance
         Issue 5 Jan. 2012

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Lake Ontario Riparian Alliance-Update -January 24, 2012

To the members of the Lake Ontario Riparian Alliance (LORA),

Recently, we have been made aware that the IJC Lake Ontario Working Group is planning a number of public meetings to review the proposed Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River regulation plan, BV7.  As we have stated in a number of previous LORA newsletters, this plan will be a very damaging to south shore homeowners as well as Lake Ontario recreational boaters.

The tentative schedule calls for 5 meetings. The tentative locations are: Olcott, Greece/Hilton, Oswego, Alexandria Bay and Massena.  The meetings are planned for the middle of March.

We at LORA have expressed our concerns about these meetings to the IJC. These concerns are:

  • 1.       The time of year. The potential weather during the month of March could necessitate people traveling during very inclement conditions. During the former Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Study (2000-2005), no meetings were held before the month of May or after the month of September.

  • 2.       Many of our neighbors will be away from their lake side homes at this time of year. Many may be at their winter residences in southern states. Many businesses are closed for the winter.

  • 3.       The lack of time to properly advertize these meetings. Previous public meetings had 3-4 months prior notification.

  • 4.       There have been promises made that future public meetings would be held in locations other than the planned locations.

5.       The above-listed concerns continue to lead us to believe that this working group, based in Albany and Washington, is out of touch with the system. They are trying to change and damage an area without fully understanding it!

We ask you, as a homeowner and/or a recreational boater on Lake Ontario, to contact your elected representatives to ask for their help in postponing these meetings until late spring/early summer. 

Below is the link to the LORA website page with public official contacts:

Now we would like to present you with some additional information as it relates to BV7.

As a reference:

The current plan of operation is 58DD.  It has a target range of 243.3 ft to 247.3 ft.
Under Plan B+ and by extension Plan BV7: during a wet year, water levels in excess of 248.4 ft at mid-year.

Under Plan B+ and by extension Plan BV7: during a dry year, levels could be as low as 244 ft at mid -summer.

Under Plan B+/BV7: there is has no announced operating range. 

The chart at the bottom of this page shows the probabilities of exceeding 247ft under three plans during the critical months of March-May.  We know that Plan B+ exceeds 247 ft almost twice as often 58DD, we believe, from what we have learned that BV7 is even worst!


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