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November 2011 Aug 17th 2013 Editorials Opposing Plan 2014, Updated Property Values
December 2011 Aug 27th 2013 Letters From The Shore Opposing Plan 2014
December 2011 (Damage Figure Graphs) Sept 2013 Open Letter to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand:

Jan 2012 (Commitments Kept???)

Sept. 2013 Greater Rochester Association of Realtors (GRAR) Opposes Plan 2014

Jan 24th 2012 Request  Re-Schedule Of BV7 Public Meetings

 May 9 2014 International St. Lawrence River Board Of Control (ISLRBC) admits lack of control
Feb 2nd 2012 (Good News...Bad News) June 13 2014 International St. Lawrence River Board Of Control (ISLRBC) continues to admit lack of control
March 6th 2012.....Questions?????? July 2nd 2914 Nature Vs Man Made Damages
March 11th 2012...Rep. Buerkle Report July 3rd 2014 Town Of Greece Resolution & Supreme Court Precedant
May 3rd 2012...Good, Bad And Ugly July 18th 2014 Oswego County Opposes Plan 2014
May 11th. 2012 History Lesson STOPBV7 PETITION Aug 1st 2014 Critical Flaw In Plan 2014 Give Ginna Neuclear Plant Concerns
May 25th 2012 Stop BV7 Petition Sept 12th 2014 Town Of Hamlin Opposes Plan 2014 & 2 Great Letters
June 13th 2012 Open Letter To, IJC, Resolutions Opposing BV7, Sept. 17th 2014 Monroe & Wayne County Discuss Opposition The Plan 2014
Aug 30th 2012 Warning To Boaters Sept 17th 2014 Monroe County Legislature Sends Plan 2014 Opposition To John Kerry
Sept. 5th 2012 "Effects of BV7 on Various Interests...You Might Be Surprised" Sept. 27th 2014 Congressman Chris Collins Has Strong Words For IJC
Sept 15th 2012 "If you think it is bad now, wait until BV7 is in operation." Oct 1st 2014 Lakeshore legislators change focus of Plan 2014 fight
Dec 15th 2012 "Justices Broaden The Basis For Damages Over Floods" Oct 16th 2014 Business Groups Against Plan 2014
June 1st 2013 They Are Back, Just Like The Locusts Plan 2014 Dec 8th 2014 Why would the Nature Conservancy use its power to subvert the truth?
June 19th 2013. Plan 2014 The Good, The Bad And The REALLY Ugly Dec 22nd. 2014 South Shore County Representatives Blast Support 2014 Coalition and Nature Conservancy
June 30th Letters From The Shore. Plan 2014 Trigger Levels Explained Jan 24th 2015 Rochester Business Journal Series On Plan 2014
July 11th 2013 "Is It Fear Or Hubris?" July 5th 2015 Would Plan 2014 have prevented damage in 1993 and 1997?
July 12th 2013 Plan 2014 Trigger Levels Are Of No Use July 15 2015 Street Flooding at 246.7 feet
July 26th 2013 Thanks To All Members Aug 28th 2015 Fort Niagara will be endangered with Plan 2014
Aug. 3rd 2013 Plan 2014 It's About The Money Oct 6th 2015 Rally Against Plan 2014
Aug 10th 2013 Call To Action Oct 9th 2015 Questions To Governments
Aug 10th 2013 Call To Action Oct 25th 2015 A Curiosity
LEVELER 62.pdf
Nov. 2nd. 2015 Another Unanswered Letter. Highest Taxed Counties In USA October 2016Congressmen Katko and Collins continue to fight for the South Shore-- Where is Congresswoman Slaughter?!
Nov. 19th. 2015 County Legislators (Katko & Collins)Meet With State Dept. To Express Plan 2014 Concerns Nov 2016 Letter to Shoreline Residents from Congresswoman Louise Slaughter regarding Plan 2014
Jan. 21st 2016. Would History Repeat Itself If Plan 2014 Was The Operational Plan? Dec 13th 2016 Lame Duck Cheap Shot!
Feb. 15th 2016 Press Conference announced by Mark Assini Dec 31st 2016 Congressman Collins To Oppose Plan
Mar. 9TH 2016 DEC Announces State of Lake Ontario Meetings-- Do they now agree with homeowners!

Jan 20th 2017 Congressmen Katko and Collins Have Our Back- Where is Congresswoman Slaughter?

April 4TH 2016 Where would we be…… If Plan 2014 was the operational plan for the regulation of Lake Ontario?

Feb 1st 2017 Letter To President Trump from the Lake Ontario Riparian Alliance

April 11th 2016 Massive Damages! Where would we be…… If Plan 2014 was the operational plan for the regulation of Lake Ontario? Part 2

March 3rd 2017 Spring 2017 Water Level Projections

May 2016 Evaluation of International Joint Commission Data -- What we found!: Plan 2014 will not work.

March 13th 2017 LORA is on Facebook

June 2016 Senator Schumer speaks out about damages of Plan 2014 April 12th 2017LORA request to all elected representatives
April 17th 2017Sodus Point begins preparing for the worst!  
April 19th 2017Communities Lobby in Washington D.C. Against Plan 2014  
April 24th 2017 Treaty Violation  
May 1st 2017Plan 2014: Is It Really About The Environment Or Something Else?  
May 2nd 2017 The Lake Hits a Trigger Level  
May 8th 2017 Do Not Believe Everything You Hear or Read!  

MAY 15TH 2017 Unaccounted Costs of the Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River Study. LORA Demands an Investigation of the IJC


May 22 2017 Was It The Rain or Plan 2014? LORA Demands an Investigation of the IJC


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