Grassroots Public Advocacy For The Protection, Restoration And Conservation Of Great
Lakes Beaches And Riparian Property

Mapleview Heights Project Sodus NY

Severely Eroded Bank 15 Ft. Vertical Drop Revetment In Place Lake ward Of Bank To Allow For Grading
Finish Grade Before Re-Vegetating 1:3 Slope Allows Beach To Re-form In Front Of Revetment

Lakeshore Rd Project., Kent NY

Severe Erosion And Loss Of Trees Placement Of Rock On Filter Cloth
Finished Revetment Designed With 1:3 Slope Proper Slope Allows Beach To Re-form Partially Covering Revetment

Sandy Harbor Project, Hamlin NY

Concrete Block Sea Wall Protected By Wave Dissipating Revetment Placing Rock On Filter Cloth
Finished Placement Of  Protective Revetment Beach Quickly Reforms And Partially Covers Revetment